September 30, 2008

  • Lord take this badge off of me, I can’t use it anymore.

    Our burdens are our blessings. They are our strengths and our weaknesses. They are the weight connected to our feet and the negativity in our thoughts. Our badges are what we are about, they are burdens that we picked up over times or we were born into. And give us our stories, they give us that pain and sadness that’s in eveyones eyes when you look at them long enough. They are that other person in us. There’s who try to be and who we are or who we are. And maybe that batttle will always be there always be constant. I think old habits die hard, it means they go when you go but they never leave you.

    Other people’s burdens burden me, by choice. I get to involve. I wouldn’t trade it. But when you get to involved your give parts of your heart away and without anyone reciporating it gets empty fast. People’s burdens aren’t just their burdens – theres anyones that would take them off

    Sometimes it’s not about story, it’s just the occurence. And you have to look past who got hurt, what was wrong about it, and unethicial and unmoral and just kinda shut the book. Accept and actually appreciate it because it happened and as much as say everything meant will be – it won’t there are few things in life that turn out the way they are suppose to, the way God intended them or the way you intended them.  And it  happened and you didn’t intend it and God certainly didn’t intend it – it happened. And it wasn’t fat or something flowerly mushy stuff – it just happened.


    If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, real or fanstasy who would they be?

    Jesus, Bob Dylan, My mom

    it be good company (:

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